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Discover the world's data

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    Comprehensive data on agriculture, energy, defense, labor and much more.

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    Extensive, credible sources of data like the World Bank, IMF, OECD and more.

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    Find data by individual countries or by groups, such as Eurozone and NAFTA.


Enable data driven insights

Inside Knoema

A polished interface for discovering and working with data.

We’ve streamlined as a dedicated workspace for researchers, analysts, and anyone who works with data. Bookmark your favorite datasets, create presentations, view your history, set alerts for dataset updates, and utilize our visualization tools from a robust, modern interface.

Workflow tools

We are transitioning from the world of active search to a new world of autonomous data discovery.

Knoema’s Workflow Tools use AI to bring the world’s most comprehensive database automatically and intelligently into your workflows in Excel & Word - no search required.

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Knoema Insights

On our Insights blog we showcase insights our analysts and economists have derived from our integrated data platform in an environment where you can work directly with the supporting data. We encourage you to explore our blog to learn more about emerging data trends, and explore the possibilities of what can be done with Knoema’s tools and data library.

Robot Density and A New Job Loss Forecast

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Making Sense of Global Demographic Megatrends

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Accuracy In Macroeconomic Forecasting

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