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Frequently asked Questions

What do I need?

For Knoema to work for you all you need is one of the modern browsers from the list below

  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • IE 8 or higher
  • Safari 5.0 or higher

What does Knoema offer?

Access to a searchable knowledge resource of

  • Authoritative and user shared datasets
  • Topic dashboard and portals
  • Presentations
  • User communities
  • Data centric blogs

What can I do?

Using Knoema you can

  • Access datasets and search across other data outputs
  • Build and share data portals and pages
  • Mash data across datasets to build tables and charts
  • Build presentations with live data
  • Upload your own datasets
  • Get connected to users with similar interests
  • Share my datasets, pages with friends and communities

How to login and what does a login offer?

You can login using your Facebook, Google, Twitter or create your own Knoema account. Login will offer you an ability to create/upload, manage and share your own datasets and pages.

Can I upload my own data?

Yes, you can. We put video tutorials demonstrating data upload process step by step. We would recommend to watch them at