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Facebook announced on 19th Feb 2014 the purchase of Whatsapp in a $19 Billion Deal. It means $42 per WhatsApp user.

WhatsApp was founded by two guys Brain Acton and Jam Koum in 2008, who spent combined 20 years doing geeky stuff at Yahoo! Inc. before starting WhatsApp. Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, WhatsApp reportedly earned total revenues of about 20 million last year.

With only 55 employees, WhatsApp’s $19-billion valuation could, in an alternate universe where each employee was given an equal share, fetch $350 million per employeeThis is nearly five times what employees of Instagram would have got when that company was bought out for $1 billion in 2012.

New Daily Record: 10B+ messages sent (inbound) and 17B+ messages rececived (outbound) by our users= 27 Billion messages handled in just 24 hours!

Source: What made facebook like whatsAppWhatsApp Extraordinary Growth in Users


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