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          The calculation of the Ocean Health Index for 2014 represents the first year that the Ocean Health Index has calculated a score for the entire global ocean. This year, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean along with the High Seas or Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) (15 regions as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization) were also assessed.
 1)  The highest scoring goals and subgoals were Habitats (91), Biodiversity 83 and Economies & Livelihoods (82).
 2)  The lowest scoring goals were Tourism & Recreation (44), Food Production (51) and Natural Products (53).


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Norway and Sweden prevail as the most committed and the United States ranks near last in all 3 indices among the countries studied.

Ocean Health Index

Source: Ocean Health IndexEconomyCrimeDemographicsGDP, current prices USDHomicide RateTotal Population ForecastGDP, PPP current intern. $HomicidesPopulation Growth Rate ForecastGDP per capita, current prices USDPercentage of homicides by firearmPopulation Density ForecastGDP per capita, PPP current intern. $Number of homicides by firearmMedian Age of the Population ForecastForeign Direct InvestmentHomicide by firearm rate Total populationTotal External Debt, USDAssault, ratePopulation Growth RateShare of AgricultureKidnapping, ratePopulation DensityShare of ManufacturingRobbery, rateMedian Age of PopulationShare of ServicesRape,...

International Day for Biological Diversity 2018

The UN proclaimed 22 May the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.  The International Day for Biological Diversity was first established in 1993 when the 29th of December was selected to serve as the day to educate the world of the importance of Biodiversity. This was later changed to the 22 of May in 2000. Celebrating Biodiversity can be fun and delicious, especially if you take this opportunity to visit farmers markets and co-ops in your local area to try new types of produce. Whether you incorporate heirloom tomatoes into your gardening or cooking or try one of...

4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves

Date of Event: 14-17 March 2016 Event Holder: International Institute for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Policy and Practice) Description: The Ministry of Environment of Peru (MINAM) through its National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP) and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme are hosting the 4th World Congress to address issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Specifically, the goal is to review implementation of the Madrid Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves 2008-2013, the...