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Every Child is Innocent Save them from the fear...

A child is nothing but a growing adult, who's brain is yet to develop about thr things going on around it, understand people and environment, going towards maturity. Child abuse is something that child must've not even heard of. It is something against the child. It destroys the child physically as well as mentally. Its a total damage to the childs growth. The child not only breaks down, but even looses hope in humanity and will fear to stand up again. Such children must be handled in a way that they can learn to live again. Teach them about the people they are surrounded around, guide them, council them in a way that their childhood dreams aren't lost and will learn to fight back. Let them beleive that there are good people out there too. Teach them to raise their voice against every bad. You cannot expect anyone person who underwent abuse to just forget and move on. Give that child or person the time to mentally stable itself. And allow them to live their life again, without reminding them about the incident over and over again, once they're totally over it.

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