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Asia is the main region in the world where electricity generating capacity and specifically nuclear power is growing significantly. From East through to South Asia, there are currently 128 operable nuclear power reactors, 41 under construction and firm plans to build a further 92. 46% of the world’s new capacity up to 2025 will be in Asia with much of this growth in China, Japan, India and Korea.

The 6th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2018 takes a pragmatic overview of the current global nuclear power scene, particularly in Asia focusing on the road ahead:

  • What are the policies and issues that governments have to face when determining what role nuclear power will play in its energy mix?
  • Funding nuclear power generation investments
  • Energy security and sustainability
  • Rebuilding public confidence in nuclear power as a safe and sustainable source of energy
  • Identifying innovative technology for nuclear power
  • Decommissioning and supply chain
  • Commercialising SMRs

Date: 12-13 February 2018

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