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The reach of terrorism has changed dramatically over the last decade. The simplest review of the statistics in today's Viz of the Day provides perspective on the geography of terrorism then and now:
  • In 2015, 12 countries, spanning five regions of the world - Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia - suffered terrorist attacks that killed at least 50 people in a single event.
  • In contrast, in 2006 only three countries - India, Iraq, and Sri Lanka - suffered losses of 50 or more people in a single terrorist attack.
The terrorist attacks in Europe during 2015 and 2016 speak to the attack capability of the Islamic State outside traditional areas of operation, a strength that has grown faster than many expected. The coordinated attacks in Brussels now fit into the realm of the expected from this group, a sad reality that is begging for a solution to rein in violent extremism that knows no borders.


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