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Knoema Enterprise

We created Knoema Enterprise to empower teams focused on strategy, market intelligence, and business intelligence by providing their data in context of the world’s data, all in one place—an easy-to-implement, secure web portal with tools for discovery, comparison, visualization, presentation, and advanced modeling and forecasting of data.

How It Works

A dedicated Knoema team works with Enterprise clients to rapidly build a specific layout, personalized to your organization’s needs. We integrate your data into a curated list of relevant datasets, and then our economists create functional models and visualizations to enable your team.

The process is finalized by an onboarding and documentation session and ongoing support as your organizational objectives evolve. The result—a custom data portal built to provide the exact functionality your team needs to enable ongoing, data-driven decision making.

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Inside Knoema Enterprise

  • Integrated Data Environment
    Visualize your assets and financial exposure in the context of key risk and opportunity drivers.
  • Explore, follow, and alert
    Search for datasets, add datasets to your dashboards, and set notifications for updates.
  • Work with data
    Utilize Knoema’s intelligent tools to compare and manipulate datasets.
  • Prepare reports and presentations
    Visualize, annotate, and export reports that auto-update as new data becomes available.
  • Run decision making meetings
    Save and organize important datasets, visualizations, forecasts, and models to enable effective decision-making.
  • Conduct advanced analysis
    Use Knoema’s Enterprise toolkit to work with statistical models, indexing, and correlation.

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Core Features


When clients log in they have access to Knoema’s intelligent search functionality to facilitate rapid, relevant search across their organization’s data as well as a purposefully curated selection of data from Knoema’s collection of global decision-making data.


Visualize data and assets on custom-designed maps and easily overlay multiple datasets to explore how they relate. Knoema maps update as your data updates, are easily created and shared within your organization, and can even integrate custom data and features by working with the Knoema implementation team.

Integrated Data Environment

Find, visualize, compare, and manipulate the data that is most important to your organization—your data, your third party data, and Knoema’s global data. Identify relationships in your data with 20+ chart, graph, and map options. Easily create visualizations that auto-update as new data is added, and export into a variety of formats to make your data actionable.


Knoema dashboards are living reports—aggregated collections of datasets and visualizations that can be easily revised and exported. Dashboards automatically update (with options for notifications) so you can quickly and easily update stakeholders as relevant data changes.

Enterprise Toolkit

Knoema’s purpose-built online tools for strategic data usage.

Future Lens

Test dependencies among indicators to evaluate alternative future scenarios

Future Lens is a tool for interactive scenario generation. Evaluate how potential financial, economic, and demographic changes could affect your organization. The results are based on the predictions of clients’ internal economic models, built with our team during implementation. Publicly available models may also be integrated, leveraging the research expertise of major institutions globally for your organization.

Index Builder

Create custom indices to identify opportunities and risks

Index Builder lets users choose data from within their Knoema Enterprise portal to build an index to rank risk, opportunity, or other environmental factors. Client teams can then modify weights for sensitivity analysis to help drive business decisions. Indices can be mapped by clients or enabled by Knoema’s experienced economists.

Data Playground

Run correlations for your business indicators

Data Playground is a simple, effective tool for running correlations between indicators prior to undertaking deeper analysis. With a few clicks, see how indicators within your Knoema Enterprise portal correlate with each other, empowering your team to deliver facts and reveal new patterns.


We focus on ease, security, and enablement

The Knoema Enterprise implementation process has been refined over years as we have developed hundreds of data portals for clients in business and government. As our client, you would work with a dedicated Knoema implementation team to prioritize, integrate, and train, ensuring in each stage that your data portal is purpose-built to help your team achieve its desired results and to minimize implementation time.

Data integration

Our clients provide data directly to our team in a variety of formats for indexing and upload into the Enterprise portal environment. Our economists and data engineers work with you, your data, and Knoema’s data to build models and indices for advanced applications and create the foundation for monitoring and analytics with our dashboards.

Access control

Assign access, editing, and sharing rights and offer specialized content to different teams. Allow individual team members to customize and edit their portal experience to ensure appropriate workflow.


Our implementation team conducts walkthroughs and training for your team, in addition to delivering customized documentation for easy onboarding of new team members over time. As new features, data, and tools migrate into the portal, we conduct additional training and offer documentation supplements.


We understand that client needs and workflows change, and we will work with your team at regular intervals to update and improve your Knoema Enterprise experience.

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Learn how customers use Knoema Enterprise

Your business, in context of what’s important to you

Our goal for Knoema Enterprise is to allow teams and executives to easily see where their business is today and to calculate and monitor drivers of opportunity and risk in context of operations, capital allocation, and forward-looking business strategy, among other core enterprise objectives.

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