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Knoema's data is its service.

We deliver curated datasets from around the world to facilitate micro to global engagement. Every day.

Working with the world's governments, leading research institutions, and an array of cross-industry private companies, we also offer custom data portals, analytic tools, and collection services to answer even those unspoken, hard to define, but ever present data-oriented challenges.

Data Insights

Ready-to-use visualizations and reports on various topics designed by our team of experts.

Data Insights provide up-to-date context and scope and corroborate advice from outside sources on long-standing topics of global importance and emerging trends and issues alike without taxing your in-house data and analytics teams.

Data Products

World in 2030

World in 2030 delivers instant access to the collective expectations of the world’s leading international institutions.

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MarketTap Collection Program

MarketTap delivers unique, scalable, on-demand access to data from our trained commercial network of collectors.

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The Situation Room

Custom situation rooms provide a single point of coordinated data coverage and interactive visualizations for any crisis or priority analytic topic.

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Data Solutions for Business

Create an ideal working dataspace for your team or entire company.

Corporate Data Room

The Corporate Data Room enables you to instantly expand the analytic agility of your company by combining relevant global data with your proprietary corporate data holdings to develop unique insights to what is influencing market trends and shaping business growth in your industry.

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Research Delivery Service

Powered by Knoema, our new Research Delivery Service tool directly supports datasets publishers and consultants by removing the infrastructure burden to ensure timely and professional delivery of datasets and unique analytic insights.

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Open Data Portal

The Open Data Portal supports transparency, innovation and improved community engagement and data literacy.

Regardless of the volume or diversity of data you plan to open to the public, the Open Data Portal will present it clearly and intuitively.

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Campus Data Network

The Campus Data Network is the ultimate resource of statistical data compiled to user-defined requirements for a specific course or field of study.

The Network's interaction tools allow researchers to add unique data to the Data Network, conduct analysis and share research results and observations.

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Partner Products

Business Market Insights

Business Market Insights is a robust database that provides market leading forecast views of business employment and output at the state, MSA, and county level.

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The Global Information & Communication Technology Navigator

This product produced by IHS Economics is the most detailed IT and Communication spending data ever assembled. The data is created through a rigorous process utilizing primary and secondary research to feed a cutting edge quantitative model.

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US Crude Oil Export Decision

Public version of the US Crude Export Supply Chain Monitor provides free access to aggregate data and analysis. Sign up to access the full dataset with 15 years of time series data (forecast through 2030) and see comprehensive analyses curated by IHS experts with the ability to create your own visualizations.

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