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Our Products

Knoema products allow individuals and organizations to discover, visualize, forecast, and present data in an integrated environment to inform decisions and produce better outcomes.

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Our free product gives members access to Knoema’s comprehensive data repository to easily search and discover information and statistics.

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Knoema Professional enables industry experts, financial analysts, and researchers to manipulate, visualize, and export data in an integrated environment to more easily create comprehensive reports and analytic products.

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Knoema Enterprise empowers teams focused on strategy, market intelligence, and business intelligence by providing their data in context of the world’s data in an easy-to-use secure web portal.

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Search the world’s data
Work with the world’s data
Make better decisions with your data and the world’s data
Discover data
Search the world’s largest
statistical database
Explore statistics by country, industry,
and source with World Data Atlas
Ask Yodatai™, Knoema’s virtual
data assistant
Work with data
Present data using intelligent
visualization tools
Build customized dashboards that
Manipulate datasets by selecting indicators
and segments for analysis and comparison
Manage push notification
preferences for specific datasets
Stay up to date with curated
industry data briefs
Export data and visualizations in
multiple formats
Export data directly to Excel or
Google Sheets
Collaborate with a custom organizational data portal
Make informed decisions by integrating
your data with the world’s data
Use Knoema’s Enterprise Toolkit
to model, plan, and forecast
Visualize data for key assets on a
custom map
Leverage your dedicated Knoema
implementation team
Enable your teams, collaborate, and
manage user permissions
Set push notifications to include
your custom datasets
Enable organizational decision making
with first access to new Knoema tools
Access Knoema’s unique partner
Bring data into your environment
via API

Knoema in use

Knoema’s reusable modeling tools allow me to provide meaningful data for my clients and present my findings with powerful and easy-to-understand visualizations.

Jennifer (Consultant)

Knoema’s expansive data library provides the extent and degree of specific information I need for my dissertation and saves me hours of research time every day.

Cecilia (PHD Student)

I use Knoema to find CPI data for articles and have custom triggers that alert me of new outlier statistics I can use for compelling and factual headlines.

Steve (Journalist)

I use Knoema tools to research new industries, build indices and financial reports, and make forecasts prior to making investments.

Connor (VC Analyst)

Knoema helps me identify new target markets, monitor key demand drivers, and forecast sales by country to make the best decisions for my company.

Marco (Entrepreneur)

With Knoema, I am now able to manage, analyze, and manipulate massive amounts of state and federal-level data without having to build custom software.

Sheryl (Government Data Analyst)

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    Knoema members can search and explore the world’s largest statistical database to find data.

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  • Professional

    Work with the world’s largest statistical database and leverage our toolset to manipulate, visualize, present, and export data.

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  • Enterprise

    Integrate your data with the world’s data in a personalized and collaborative environment purpose-built to support your organizational objectives.

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