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President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, held assets last year that were worth roughly $1.9 million to $6.9 million, according to their required financial disclosure reports. The range of the Obamas’ net worth is little changed from 2013, when his assets was between $1.95 million and $7.15 million.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics estimates, Mr. Obama is only 143-th in the list of the US politicians by their average net worth. As of 2013, the richest US politician was Mr. Darrell Issa (member of US House from California 49th district, currently Chairman of the House Oversight Commitee) with the net worth about $450 mln. The richest woman in the US politics is the US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ($100 mln).

Net worth is defined as the assets minus liabilities and for some lawmakers this difference is negative. Mr. David Valadao from California 29th district and Mr. Alcee Hastings from the Florida keep two latest places in the ranking for the several years.

There are no billionaires among U. S. politicians.

On this page you can explore net worth estimates for every of the U. S. members of Congress (Senate and House), Executives and Justices since 2004. Select the person from the list at the top or start to type his/her name to find the person of interest easier (cause the list includes more than 1000 politicians). 

Source: Net Worth of U.S. Politicians, 2004-2013 . All data come from the Center for Responsive Politics database, based on public disclosures.

Note: U. S. Federal law requires the president, senior administration officials and members of Congress to report their financial holdings annually. However, required disclosure forms allow public officials to report the value of their assets in broad ranges. That makes it difficult to determine a precise net worth. To calculate it CRP adds together the lawmaker's range of assets and then subtracts their range of liabilities. Then the midpoint of the resulting range is used to rank the filers. Using this method provides a ranking that more closely reflects reality than using either the minimum or maximum values. Valuation of very large assets owned by an individual is limited by the top range being over $50 million, and spouse or dependent child assets are limited by the top range of over $1 million. When further research definitively revealed a more accurate figure, it was used in place of the range. See the Center of Responsive Politics website for more information about methodology

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