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One of the most important trends of the global energy market in 2016 was significant growth of renewables consumption by almost 15 percent. The largest increase was shown by solar energy. For example, solar cumulative installed PV power was increased by 33 percent during 2016. China is the top country by solar energy consumption in the world. As of 2016, solar energy consumption in China was 66.2 terawatt-hours. The top 5 countries also includes the United States, Japan, Germany, and Italy.


The trends across key energy sectors are as follows:

  • In the oil sector, Russia overtook the United States by the oil production but Saudi Arabia increased its oil production by 3 percent and solidified its position.
  • Coal production decreased by 6.3 percent. This is the largest reduction for minimum 35 years.
  • Consumption of natural gas set a new record reached 3,542.88 billion cubic meters.

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