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Belize - Total fossil fuels electricity net generation

0.10 (billion kilowatthours) in 1995

Between 1991 and 1995, Belize total fossil fuels electricity net generation remained stable at around 0.1 billion kilowatthours.

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What is total fossil fuels electricity net generation?

The amount of gross generation less the electrical energy consumed at the generating station(s) for station service or auxiliaries. Electricity required for pumping at pumped-storage plants is regarded as electricity for station service and is deducted from gross generation. In the conventional thermal power stations (or conventional thermoelectric) electricity is produced from the use of fossil fuels such as coal, fuel-oil or natural gas, by means of a thermodynamic cycle of water-steam. The word “conventional” is used to differentiate them from other thermal power stations, such as the nuclear or the combined cycle stations.

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What is Belize total fossil fuels electricity net generation?

Date Value Change, %
1995 0.10 0.00 %
1994 0.10 0.00 %
1993 0.10 0.00 %
1992 0.10 0.00 %
1991 0.10 0.00 %
1990 0.10