California - Gross domestic product in current prices

3,755,486.5 (million US dollars) in 2023Q1

In 1st quarter 2023, GDP for California was 3,755,486.5 million US dollars. GDP of California increased from 2,191,853.4 million US dollars in 2nd quarter 2013 to 3,755,486.5 million US dollars in 1st quarter 2023 growing at an average annual rate of 1.41%.

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What is GDP?

Gross state product (GSP). A measurement of a state's output; it is the sum of value added from all industries in the state. GSP is the state counterpart to the Nation's gross domestic product (GDP). Value added. The gross output of an industry or a sector less its intermediate inputs; the contribution of an industry or sector to gross domestic product (GDP). Value added by industry can also be measured as the sum of compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports less subsidies, and gross operating surplus.

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What is California GDP?