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GoEuro is the travelling service aimed at simplifying the entire travel route-planning process that operates in 11 countries in Europe and serves around 32,000 rail and bus stations combined and 207 airports in its core countries. By comparing the ticket prices of buses, trains and flights, GoEuro helps consumers make educated decisions when it comes to spending during their travels. The GoEuro Price Index series furthers this aim by focusing primarily on common expenditures for travellers, aiming to help people better gauge the difference in prices between places around the world. The GoEuro Price Index series are intended to provide solid, non-biased data to help inform travel decisions. GoEuro is interested in showing travellers what they are realistically likely to spend while in various destinations and providing rankings that reflect what is most likely to be spent on holiday, separate from the economies of the cities and the countries featured. GoEuro consistently do its best to provide information focused on what is most useful and valuable to the individual traveller.

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    • January 2016
      Source: GoEuro
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 26 January, 2016
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      Information about the cost of getting to and from the airport, train or bus station to a hotel is valuable, especially when on a budget. As disruptive technologies like Uber (online app that connects riders to drivers) and ride sharing become more common, travelers have more options than ever before. The Urban Transit Price Index consists of price of public transportation, taxis, and Uber based on a single journey, including factors such as distance and time, among others, in 60 cities across the world. All monetary conversions were done on the same day using Bloomberg exchange rates. Real prices were used instead of Purchasing power parity (PPP) as this Price index is intended for travelers not as a macroeconomic tool. All data was gathered from official provider sites. The taxi data was calculated based on the cost of a 10 km ride; for Uber the cost of all available services in the city for an equivalent journey was averaged and for public transport the price of a standard single ticket was taken.