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Poultry meat for food

(thousand tonnes)

In 2013, poultry meat for food in Cambodia was 28 thousand tonnes. In the ranking by poultry meat for food including 172 countries, Cambodia has the 75th rank that is close to the positions of such countries as Germany and the Croatia. Compared to Samoa which at the top of the ranking with poultry meat for food of 12 thousand tonnes in 2013, Cambodia has 133.33 % percent higher poultry meat for food.

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What is poultry meat for food?

Default composition: 1058 Chicken meat, 1060 Fat Liver Prep (Foie Gras), 1061 Meat of Chicken Canned, 1069 Duck meat, 1073 Goose and guinea fowl meat, 1080 Turkey meat

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