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Receipts for passenger transport items in current prices

(US dollars)

The United States of America is the top country by receipts for passenger transport items in the world. As of 2015, receipts for passenger transport items in the United States of America was 41,704 million US dollars that accounts for 24.87 % of the world's receipts for passenger transport items. The top 5 countries (others are the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and France) account for 50.32 % of it. The world's total receipts for passenger transport items was estimated at 167,680 million US dollars in 2015.

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International tourism receipts for passenger transport items are expenditures by international inbound visitors for all services provided in the international transportation by resident carriers. Also included are passenger services performed within an economy by nonresident carriers. Excluded are passenger services provided to nonresidents by resident carriers within the resident economies; these are included in travel items. In addition to the services covered by passenger fares--including fares that are a part of package tours but excluding cruise fares, which are included in travel--passenger services include such items as charges for excess baggage, vehicles, or other personal accompanying effects and expenditures for food, drink, or other items for which passengers make expenditures while on board carriers. Data are in current U.S. dollars.