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Cases in Montenegro

Health Communicable Diseases
Diphteria 0 Number in 2012 WHO
Leprosy 0 Number in 2010 WHO
Measles 10 Number of cases on Jul 2018 WHO + 2 others
Mumps 104 Number in 2012 WHO
Poliomyelitis 0 Number in 2013 WHO
Rubella 0 Number in 2012 WHO
Tuberculosis 98 in 2012 WHO
Whooping cough 2 Number in 2012 WHO
Yellow fever 0 Number in 2012 WHO
Health Indicators
Cases 11 timeseries
Deaths 73 timeseries
Disease Prevention 40 % in 2018 WB
Healthy Life Expectancy 3 timeseries
Incidence 3 timeseries
Mortality Rate 279 timeseries
Prevalence 28 timeseries
Years of life lost by broader causes 3 timeseries

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