Country Population (Number in 2015)

The United States of America is the top country by the population of dogs in the world. As of 2015, the population of dogs in the United States of America was 69.9 million that accounts for 31.78% of the world's the population of dogs. The top 5 countries (others are China, Russian Federation, Japan, and Philippines) account for 60.65% of it. The world's total the population of dogs was estimated at 220 million in 2015.

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United States of America 69,929,000 Petsecure
China 27,400,000 Petsecure
Russian Federation 12,520,000 Petsecure
Japan 12,000,000 Petsecure
Philippines 11,600,000 Petsecure
India 10,200,000 Petsecure
Argentina 9,200,000 Petsecure
United Kingdom 9,000,000 Petsecure
France 7,570,000 Petsecure
South Africa 7,400,000 Petsecure
Poland 7,311,000 Petsecure
Italy 7,000,000 Petsecure
Germany 5,300,000 Petsecure
Ethiopia 5,000,000 Petsecure
Spain 4,720,000 Petsecure
Romania 4,166,000 Petsecure
Australia 3,700,000 Petsecure
Czech Republic 3,152,000 Petsecure
Hungary 2,856,000 Petsecure