Data Hub

Access, monitor, and work with the world's data

Knoema Professional delivers data in combination with a data-oriented workspace and complementary workflow tools to enable you to move beyond data to discover deeper insights.

Work and search efficiently across topics and sources with Knoema’s massive global database

Ensure you always have the latest data with notifications, alerts, and curated industry data briefs

Visualize and compare data with over 20 chart, graph, and map options

Manipulate datasets by selecting variables and segments for analysis and comparison

Unlimited exports with multiple popular formats

Fast, efficient, effective use of data is a competitive advantage.

Instant Data Discovery

Knoema Professional enables users to stop researching across the web for reports and sources every time they need data – simply use Knoema search to access our integrated global database.

Data Notifications

Data Alerts notify you when time series change according to conditions you specify.

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Follow datasets and dashboards​ ​to learn ​about update​s.

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Easily sign up for notifications on specific dataset updates, and receive curated briefs from the Knoema data team with key statistics on industries like energy, agriculture, finance, and more. Our Industry Data Briefs and dataset notifications are designed to push critical data into your workflow to save you valuable time.

So how does Knoema Professional work for you?

  • Visualize and compare data with over 20 chart, graph, and map options
  • Unlimited exports with multiple popular formats
  • Customize push notifications to alert you when the data and dashboards that are important to you are updated
  • Explore datasets by selecting variables for analysis and comparison

Get to insights faster, and streamline your workflow today