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Knoema Professional

Unlock the power to work with the world’s data through Knoema Professional.

Knoema’s toolkit was designed to enable industry professionals, financial analysts, and researchers to manipulate, visualize, and export data in an integrated environment to more easily create comprehensive reports and analytic products.

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Knoema Professional includes the following features and tools

  • Use intelligent search to access the world’s data— 2.4B+ time series from 1K+ sources
  • Explore global, regional, country, and industry data in Knoema’s World Data Atlas
  • Visualize and compare data with over 20 chart, graph, and map options
  • Manipulate datasets by selecting variables for analysis and comparison
  • Unlimited exports with multiple popular formats
  • Integration with Excel & Sheets
  • Customize and save dashboards for your reports that auto-update as new data is released
  • Receive Knoema-curated industry data briefs that consolidate relevant statistics for your industry
  • Customize push notifications to alert you when the data and dashboards that are important to you are updated
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The value

Integrated Data Environment

Knoema Professional enables users to stop researching across the web for reports and sources everytime they need data. Users can use our intelligent search to explore the world’s data and discover related data.

Visualize and communicate

Visualize data on maps or graphs, save groups of visualizations to dashboards for monitoring and analysis, and easily export data into multiple formats. Visualizations automatically update as data is released, so you can simply export a new version or embed live charts to help drive decisions and update other stakeholders.

Critical information flow

Easily sign up for notifications on specific dataset updates, and receive curated briefs from the Knoema data team with key statistics on industries like energy, agriculture, finance, and more. Our Industry Data Briefs and dataset notifications are designed to push critical data into your workflow to save valuable time.