California - Fuel ethanol production, including denaturant

5,289.0 (thousand barrels) in 2017

In 2017, fuel ethanol production for California was 5,289 thousand barrels. Fuel ethanol production of California increased from 0 thousand barrels in 1968 to 5,289 thousand barrels in 2017 growing at an average annual rate of 21.81%.

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What is fuel ethanol production?

Ethanol intended for fuel use. Fuel ethanol in the United States must be anhydrous (less than 1 percent water). Fuel ethanol is denatured (made unfit for human consumption), usually prior to transport from the ethanol production facility, by adding 2 to 5 volume percent petroleum, typically pentanes plus or conventional motor gasoline. Fuel ethanol is used principally for blending in low concentrations with motor gasoline as an oxygenate or octane enhancer. In high concentrations, it is used to fuel alternative-fuel vehicles specially designed for its use. See Alternative-Fuel Vehicle, Denaturant, E85, Ethanol, Fuel Ethanol Minus Denaturant, and Oxygenates.

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What is California fuel ethanol production?