The area of pumpkins in Fiji

297 Ha in 2022

Pumpkins in the area of Fiji increased from 0 ha in 1973 to 297 ha in 2022 growing at an average annual rate of 9.56%.

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World The area of pumpkins in Oceania
New Zealand 6,034 Ha in 2022 FAO
Australia 4,626 Ha in 2022 FAO
Tonga 2,270 Ha in 2022 FAO
Papua New Guinea 87 Ha in 2022 FAO
Nauru Ha in 2022 FAO
Pumpkins agriculture indicators in Fiji
Production 1,976.24 t in 2022 FAO
Yield 66,546 100 g/ha in 2022 FAO
Crops Fruits The area of melons in Fiji
Watermelons 564 Ha in 2022 FAO