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Agricultural 1120
Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco and Narcotics Alfalfa Beet Pulp Beverages and Tobacco Butter Cake Cane tops Chocolate Cocoons Dairy Products and Eggs Dregs Eggs Extracts Fatty acids Fatty Subs Fish Meal Flour Food and non-alcoholic beverages Food Preparations Gluten Homogen. Cooked Fruit Preparation Homogen.Veget.Preparation Husks and Skins Ice cream Lactose Mixes and doughs Natural Gums Powder and Cake Pyrethrum Sauce Starch Straw Husks Sugar and Honey Vitamins Water Waxes Yogh Conc.Or Not
Cassava Equivalent Castor Beans Citronella Cocoa Beans Fruit and Vegetables Olives Other Bastfibres Pyrethrum,Dried Rape Seed cotton Sisal Sorghum Sugar Beet Sugar Cane Taro (cocoyam) Triticale Vegetables and Melons Yams Yautia (cocoyam)