The production of cloves in Comoros

7,277.87 t in 2022

Before the production of cloves of Comoros started to increase to reach a level of 7,277.87 t in 2022, it went through a trough reaching a low of 212 t in 1977.

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World The production of cloves in Africa
Madagascar 24,307.82 t in 2022 FAO
United Republic of Tanzania 8,562.41 t in 2022 FAO
Kenya 2,041.97 t in 2022 FAO
Morocco t in 2022 FAO
Seychelles t in 2022 FAO
Togo t in 2022 FAO
Agriculture indicators cloves Comoros
Area 37,921 Ha in 2022 FAO
Yield 1,919 100 g/ha in 2022 FAO
The production of spices in Comoros
Vanilla 240.33 t in 2022 FAO
Cinnamon t in 2022 FAO
Production of crops in Comoros
Yams 8,175 1000 Int$ in 2022 FAO
Cocoa Beans 63 1000 Int$ in 2022 FAO