The vanilla production of Turkey

383.8 t in 2022

The production of vanilla of Turkey increased from 0 t in 1973 to 383.8 t in 2022 growing at an average annual rate of 13.65%.

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Turkey - Vanilla - Agriculture Indicators
Area 1,911 Ha in 2022 FAO
Yield 2,009 100 g/ha in 2022 FAO
The production of spices in Turkey
Chillies and Peppers, Green 3,018,775 t in 2022 FAO
Anise and Badian and Fennel and Сoriander 346,905 t in 2022 FAO
Chillies and Peppers, Dry 15,908.85 t in 2022 FAO
Production of crops in Turkey
Sugar Cane Tonnes, Thousands in 2023 OECD