Ginger production in Central America and the Caribbean

Central America and the Caribbean (t in 2022)

Panama is the top country by the production of ginger among 9 countries. As of 2022, the production of ginger in Panama was 6,000 t that accounts for 49.89% of total the production of ginger. The top 5 countries (others are Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Dominica) account for 96.45% of it. The total the production of ginger was estimated at 12,026.71 t in 2022.

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Panama 6,000 FAO
Costa Rica 4,000.96 FAO
Jamaica 1,232 FAO
Dominican Republic 198.79 FAO
Dominica 167.69 FAO
Grenada 164 FAO
Trinidad and Tobago 161.27 FAO
Puerto Rico 147.49 FAO
Belize 78 FAO
Saint Lucia 24 FAO